Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I find it annoying that people wait for my biggest failure to come... or more accurately, people expect me to fail. people kinda "hope" i fail probably because they notice i've been given opportunities far more than i deserve. can't blame them though, it's schadenfreude.

iba na yon kapag kaibigan mo na. sometimes, you fall in love with your friends that even if most of the time you don't think they're doing you any good, you stick by them out of love or sometimes, out of convenience. and when THEY are one of those who do not believe in you, you wonder if they're actually giving you a favor.

a favor, you ask? well as for me i take it as a challenge. most likely naiinggit sila and i make my resolve na inggitin sila lalo, prove them wrong by succeeding. *big grin*

and hey, i've FAILED. if that's gonna give you any kind of pleasure, or consolation even, yes. I've FAILED. and i'm thankful i have because if not, i wouldn't have this smoldering determination to succeed, to get to the top of my world.

you'll see.


Anonymous Mark said...

It is admirable that you have no fear of failure. It is this, and cowardice in general, that have ruined me.

5:27 PM  

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